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JDUB Steps Up

Christian rap artist, JDUB, raised faith, hope and charity to a new level when he took the stage on Palm Sunday. JDUB graciously accepted a request to share his gift of song at a benefit for 10 year old burn victim, Demetrius Gollet. The benefit was held at Lyngate Park in Port St. Lucie, Florida on March 29th, 2015 to raise funds for cost associated with Demetrius' upcoming 10th surgery. JDUB stepped up in a big way just by being there to help support this child and his family.  


The park was filled with people, food and fun. The energy was positive and when JDUB took the mic, the energy rose to new heights.  His unique style of using a current trend in music with christian lyrics is powerful. JDUB caught the attention of the people with his humble nature. He spoke of his life before coming to Christ and his life now as he spreads God's word through song. His encouraging and thankful stance on faith got people up out of their seats. Children ran to the stage dancing and bopping their heads as JDUB delivered the message. His next release entitled: Great God in Heaven says “Put your 5 up in the air”  and it moved us all, with hands going up all over the park. Before long the stage was filled with children following JDUB's lead. It was an incredible site to see and one that defines just what his ministry seeks to do. Making people aware of how awesome God is and how He transforms lives no matter what you are going through. 


JDUB's passion for God and people shined that day. Not only as an artist, but as a man. JDUB and his family were grieving a loss of a loved one. A schedule conflict surfaced,  and a cancelation was underway, however JDUB trusted God to make a way and He did. JDUB is an inspiration and offers hope to all. So in quoting him “Put your 5 up in the air.” Lets give thanks and praise, for all things are possible with the Lord.  

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