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Tom Bolling - Student Pastor Lake Park Baptist Church

We were entertained,  inspired and challenged by the recent hip hop concert performed by JDub at our all night lockin event.  Our teens were in awe of the amazing show featuring all the bells and whistles of lights, sythesizers, graphics and amazing sound.  Most of all our youth were impacted by the powerful and relevant lyrics challenging our celebrity driven culture to live a radical servant lifestyle following in the footsteps of Jesus!  I've had JDub many times over the years and his endless energy, powerful preaching intertwined within his music, and his humility is always the thing that impresses me.  Its rare to find an artist who combines a high quality and relevant style of  music with the ability to communicate the life changing message of the Cross to this generation of young people.  I highly recomnend that you book JDub for your next concert to young people!   


Tom Bolling

Student Pastor 

First Baptist Lake Park, FL

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