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by Jdub

Released 2013
Released 2013
Superstar is a powerful and moving song based on Mark 10:43. JDUB incorporates live elements with a message that cuts straight to the heart. The song will inspire and move to the listener to serve God with all his or her strength.
2013 Nominee for "Best Gospel Hip Hop Artist of the Year" JDUB is currently working on his fifth studio project titled, “The 5 Album” the new single “Superstar” is indicative of the clear message JDUB seeks to present. We are God’s children called to be about His business. JDUB is a husband and father of two. His active role in the local church is a reflection of his servant leadership philosophy. With a degree in Biblical Studies from Palm Beach Atlantic University, JDUB sees himself first and foremost as a minister of the Gospel. The tool he most uses to minister that life-changing message is hip hop music.
JDUB has one focus - to spread the message and love of Jesus Christ, wherever he goes. At age 13, JDUB recorded his first rap song, setting out to find fame and glory for himself. Just three years later he found something more glorious than fame could ever be – a personal relationship with Jesus. From that point on, JDUB has strived to live his life in a way that would honor God and bless others. Since JDUB gave his life to Christ, he has recorded four Christian hip-hop CDs. JDUB has appeared on VH1, sold albums internationally, and has opened for multiple top 40 Christian acts! His live performance will capture you, inspire you, and deliver the message of the love of Jesus to a world in desperate need of that love. JDUB can also be found by searching the "at name" jdub561. The 561 stands for West Palm Beach FL where JDUB is based.

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