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That Junk Is Crazy

by J Dub

Released 2015
Released 2015
J Dub and Surf Gvng unleash powerful lyrics on the explosive track produced by CJ Runner using dubstep sounds to unleash a sonic explosion mixed with hiphop beats.
At age 13, JDUB got his start by rapping in bars and clubs and doing freestyles at open mic nights. Soon he was discovered and recored his first demo. He quickly started doing shows in and around south Florida. Setting out to find fame and glory for himself, just three years later he found something more glorious than fame could ever be – a personal relationship with Jesus. From that point on, JDUB has strived to live his life in a way that would honor God and bless others. Since JDUB gave his life to Christ, he has recorded four Christian hip-hop CDs. JDUB has appeared on VH1, sold albums internationally, and has opened for multiple top 40 Christian acts to include Skillet, Fireflight, and more! His live performance will capture you, inspire you, and deliver the message of the love of Jesus to a world in desperate need of that love. "Yes, I am an entertainer - but first and foremost I am a believer, and if I can reach one life for the Glory of God, then this has all been worth it!"

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